picture nr2 is my materialistic wishlist for my birthday. A subscription to i-d mag, art stuff (and lots of it), and new shoes (I can never get enough shoes). Also I'm hooked on stripes, which is why I'm searching for the perfect striped tee and shirt. My non-materialistic wishes are too far fetch anyway, so I drown my sorrows in materialistic satisfaction (jk, I'm actually really happy these days).

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Coat & pants-monki, tee-bikbok, shoes-nike

Happy belated international women's day! This was what I wore yesterday, and I can tell spring is almost here... At least it's (nearly) warm enough to start wearing this coat again. My birthday is also coming up at the end of the month, which I have mixed feelings about seeing as I honestly want to be Peter Pan and never grow up. I only turn 17 this year, but still... It's sort of silly of me to think this way though, because every year I realize everything gets better the older I get.

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Harry Potter studios p1

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it on here, but I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan. Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to London with one of my best friends, and of course we seized the opportunity to visit the Harry Potter studios outside of London. Oh my god, it was amazing! Over half a year later, I browsed through the pictures (which weren't really good because of the lighting and the fact that my hands were shaking with excitement), but I wanted to share them with you guys. I can't describe the feeling of entering the great hall for the first time. It was simply...magic.
In the end of the great hall, we could see the teachers (or well, their costumes) standing by their respective seats.
Moving out of the great hall, we could see props and costumes from the yule ball.
Here are the costumes of Harry, Cho, Hermione and Viktor Krum. (Hermione's costume looked so tiny aw).
Okay, so this is amazing because 1. LOOK AT IT and 2. I think it said that some of it was REAL chocolate, and it still looked nice (and edible) after almost 10 years.
The costume section was heaven too! Look at Luna's cute dress and shoes, even her earrings! I also found the wizard shoes quite cool. Wouldn't mind a pair...

This was really interesting, because you could see the different stages of Harry's costumes as they get more and more damaged.

This was just some of the pictures I took there, and I believe I will post a part two as well (where we got to see the actual Hogwarts castle, different classrooms, special effects ++). Also I think the pictures don't do the studios to justice at all, because there are just so many things to see, and the amount of details are unbelievable. You kind of have to be there for yourselves to see it...

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chanel couture ss14 makes me wanna wear my sneakers to prom this year

And also I love wearing headbands nowadays, like Brigitte Bardot. And her style is so inspiring as well. (pictures via beautyispoisonous)

I want to dress like the Olsen twins as well. Oversized coats+loafers+sunnies. (photos via olsenanonymous)

I'm trying to focus more on the basics these days though. So I'm determined to fill my closet with quality basics this season because I've realized it's really hard to get dressed in the morning without them. Like blue jeans, for instance. I don't have a single pair of basic blue jeans, but come to think of it it's because I'm really picky and they need to be the exact right fit, colour and be comfy at the same time. Also I'm one of those girls who think their legs look better in black jeans.

Other than that, I spend my days listening to the 1975, and Swedish music (my new obsession haha), where my favourite band is Ar&Dar. I'm also reading my fourth book this year, which is called "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". It is SOO great! Both hilarious and incredibly sad at the same time.

What are you reading and listening to these days?

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shoes-dr. martens, coat-2nd hand/my mother's, bag-monki (lookin' grumpy)

Long time no see! January is finally over, and it's only a month left to spring now. Excited. It's so hard to look cool and keep warm at the same time, therefore my outfits nowadays look somewhat like this: black jeans/pants + sweater + coat. I'm very dependent on the basic items in my wardrobe these days..

All in all January has brought me a fair amount of school work, caf trips with friends, hours of reading and long days at school.

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Happy new year guys!! I got to spend new year's eve sick, unfortunately. So therefore I started to think about what 2014 might bring... I'm not a fan of new year's resolutions (normally), but I've decided I want to domore in 2014. I want to read more, draw more, create more. I want to watch the films I never got to watch in 2013, and I want to read the books that have been on my reading list for too long. I want to learn more. I also have a feeling that 2014 might bring some exciting travel-destinations as well.

So a little question for you: Do you have any books/films to recommend?

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blk shoes

Nearly all my shoes are black. And this christmas I got these added to my collection; a pair of black nike air max 90 from my parents, and black patent leather docs from me to me (why not treat yourself with something extra nice for christmas?!)

You can never have too many shoes (or books, magazines and sunglasses for that matter).

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skirt-weekday, jacket-vintage, sweater-monki, shoes-dr.martens.

Just what I wore the other day. Kinda reminded me of the film "clueless". Major style inspiration. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas with your loved ones!

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Must de Cartier

...vanilla, amber, musk, sandalwood and so on. This is my new perfume which I bought in Tenerife. One could say that the perfumeries over there have a lot more to offer (frankly there were perfumeries around every corner). I'm absolutely in love with this scent and I've worn it every day since I bought it. I think I've inherited my mother's nose, because we both agree that we're not too fond of flowery-perfumes and fresh ones smelling of laundry and dish soap. To me, it's important that the perfume I wear says something about me, and isn't just a perfume you can tell every other teenage-girl is wearing around here. I think perfumes should be something intimate that mixes with your own smell, and then when people are close to you or give you a hug, they will smell it and instantly connect the scent with you. I have survived on perfume samples for over two years now, so I think it was about time to find my scent.

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(wearing a navy jumper from zara, urban outfitters sunglasses and nike shoes)

Some snaps from Tenerife. It's exactly one week since I arrived home, and the trip was well needed seeing as I barely get any daylight during the winter here in Norway. We went there to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday along with the whole family.

The weather wasn't always nice, but still it was kind of cool to experience some rain and thunder during our stay (they called it extreme weather, but where I live it's pretty normal..). The best thing about the whole trip though, was finally swimming in the ocean again.

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far from land

I'm absolutely mesmerized by this editorial in the December issue of W Magazine. I've always been fascinated by mermaids, and mythology in general. The sombre mood in these photos make them even more magical. Wow. Pictures from here (x)

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Stumbled by Egon Schiele the other day, and I must say I really like his self-portraits.

Anyway, to make it through November I've made a small list of what I can look forward to: 1. finally watching catching fire this Thursday 2. In less than three weeks I'm off to Tenerife 3. CHRISTMAS(!!! super excited this year and idk why) 4. oh and secret santa! Planning to do it this year.

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So yesterday and Friday I had a couple of spontaneous projects. I cut off the collar of an unused crisp white shirt. I wanted to decorate it, so I bought a fabric marker and drew on a couple of cats (who doesn't want cats on their shirt collar???). I know it looks weird and uneven in the photo, but trust me; it's not visible when you wear it.

I also ended up cutting my vintage flares into a pair of shorts. I really liked them as jeans, but they were never worn because I simply never found a way of styling them. I got them for only 40 kr, which is basically nothing. Haven't worn jeans shorts in a while though, but I'll definitely wear these a lot. I feel like they sort of have a 60's/50's-ish feel to them.

And btw; thank you for your nice comments! I really appreciate them!

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this life

shorts-diy/vintage, shoes-a store in london, coat-monki, sweater-benetton, tote bag-mah sk00l

Wore this today and I liked it. I also bought a fabric marker and just finished my mini-project...will post it tomorrow.

Also had the most fun, fabulous and nerdy Harry Potter-night this Thursday w/ some friends, and it made me remember how magical Harry Potter really is. I should read them again sometime this christmas.

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coat-monki, shoes-monki, sweater-bikbok, skirt-vintage.

This is from last weekend, but I didn't bother to post it until now because I've had a bit to do at school. And yes, I found the perfect red sweater! Though you can't see it in the photos (they were taken by twilight, so the quality isn't any good) it is superfluffy! It was exactly what I'd imagined. And just like the rest of you, I've totally fallen in love with tartan. So I was lucky enough to find my mum's old skirt from the 80's (haha almost Mean Girls reference..). I think she bought it in Zrich. Originally it's knee-lenght, but with the help from a couple of safety pins I made it shorter. Though I love knee-lenght, I'm not quite feeling it with this skirt, so I'm thinking about making it permanentely shorter. We'll see...I find it hard to change something on pieces with history.

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coat/gina tricot, shoes/monki, sweater/grandma's, skirt/old, headband/old

In which I don't particularly fancy my face, but I post it anyway because I like my outfit. And hey, I'm wearing colours, for once!! I borrowed this bright red sweater from my grandma (the classiest woman I know) because as previously mentioned I was craving a bright red sweater. Though this is not exactly what I'd pictured in my mind, it will work until I find the perfect one.

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thrills & chills

//messy collage by me.

Kind of into the whole 60's thing nowadays. Or, maybe even a mix between the 60's and 90's. I really like the mix of punk/grunge and preppy, and also I love contrasts such as soft and fluffy sweaters mixed with checkered skirts and leather. So a major inspiration for me is looking at old photographies or stills from old movies (or, you know, occasionally movies that are new but set in the old days (asingle man, for instance)) And thanks to tumblr, I've found a huge source of inspiration, better known as Anna Karina. Oh my she is perfect.

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So this is what I was wearing yesterday. I think I matched pretty well with the autumn leaves on the ground while wearing my old corduroy trousers from zara. And, of course, I was wearing my monki coat as well. I guess I just had to wear it while I still can, because it's quite thin and therefore there's no chance in hell it'll keep me warm during winter. Oh, and I recently bought this cap from H&M. I'm usually not that into caps, because they sort of radiate something like "omg yolo swag". This one, however, is looking quite classy due to it's neutral design and fabric.

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meet Marthe

Meet Marthe. These are a few of the lovely photos I took of her today. And for those who are wondering; I believe her sweater is from gina tricot, her jeans are diy, her sunnies are from monki, and her bag is an old one. Also she's wearing dr.martens.

Anyway, I can't believe I survived 6 (!!) hours of maths at school today. So although I'm as good as broke, I treated myself with the perfect scarf, which I can't wait to wear. I was in desperate need of it seeing as it's getting cold outside for real now. Winter is just around the corner.. help.

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I always manage to make my hands look strange in photos... Anyway, this is what I wore today: a striped sweater from H&M combined with a black skirt, my favourite loafers and of course a supercomfy (and warm!) coat from gina tricot (which I kinda stole/borrowed from my mum this morning).

I also think I have suffered from a severe lack of inspiration for a while now, but fortunately it's on its way back. I don't know about you, but I feel like it's the most frustrating thing ever!! It's like I can't manage to get satisfied with ANYTHING at all. Literally. It sort of sucks that I had no inspiration while it was autumn break though, because then I'd actually have time to do stuff. I don't think you can force creativity anyway...

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navy & black


it is so quite a new thing
Wouldn't mind wearing this. Kind of in love with the combo of navy blue and black, though of some weird reason I've always been told that one should not mix those colours. Outfits taken from my polyvore (@ameliaelves).

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Two old photos from this summer. The first one is from London.

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white basics

1 & 2 from monki, 3 from bikbok x mkao

Bought these three white basics last weekend, and that's practically all I've worn so far this week. My autumn break has finally arrived as well, which feels soo amazingly good right now. I am in desperate need of some extra hours of sleep, haha.

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just like heaven

No school today, or next Friday either (which means there are only four schooldays left until autumn holiday!!!). I spent the first half of my day catching up on some schoolwork, and the second half by wandering around in the city with Marthe.

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ja yes oui

Loafers from monki, coat from bikbok, sunglasses from cheap monday, t-shirt from filippa K, bag from monki.

Found the perfect autumn coat.

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fashion x art (ysl 1999)

_tumblr (x)

Fashion x art. I really like these pictures from Yves Saint Laurent's s/s 1999 campaign, starring Kate Moss. The shoot, as you may see, is inspired by famous and classical paintings such as Mona Lisa and Manet's Olympia. I really love the combination of classical art and fashion. What I enjoy the most though, apart from the gloomy, dark and sensual mood in the photos, is the switching of gender roles. Notice how Kate Moss and two naked men sit in a forest in one of the pictures, whereas they are meant to portray the opposite; two fully dressed men and a naked woman. Seems like Kate Moss is indeed the boss.

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comme un garon

Shoes from London, pants from bikbok, sweater is my dad's (from marlboro), coat from monki, tote bag is DIY and glasses from cheap monday.

(Excuse the clich title and my weird looking hand) This has sort of become my daily unifrom. It's so easy to throw on my black coat from monki (which I probably wear way too much) combined with, well, more black. Especially when I'm in a hurry in the morning.

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a u t u m n

_pictures from hereand here

...And then suddenly I was craving a bright red sweater. What I'm also looking for is the perfect t-shirt (unbelievably hard to find), and perhaps a new coat as well. I really want some nice basics in my wardrobe this autumn, preferably the ones that will keep me warm. (I also just got home from a classtrip this week, which was really fun. I've started getting used to routines again, and I'm definitely planning on posting more often here...)

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Mona Lisa

1 & 2 from today, 3 & 4 from Oslo in July.

A small update: my first week in high school has been confusing, exciting and fun, but above all exhausting, which is the reason behind the lack of updates. My hair is also dark brown now, and I'm not sure whether I love it or loathe it. There will soon be more updates, I just needed the time to get used to routines and loads of homework again. Sigh.

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What I wore a couple of weeks ago. All black. Just the way I like it.

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A little death

//top-primark, coat-monki, cardigan-cubus, bag-zara, sunglasses-urban outfitters, shoes-monki, rings-weekday & gina tricot, boyfriend jeans-monki

Today I bought this supercomfy and soft cardigan, and it's exactly what I've been looking for! I also got my first contact lenses today, which was both weird and exciting, because I can finally see again.

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F/W 2013 rtw

from top left; The Row, Theyskens' Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne Studios, Hrmes, Balenciaga, N21, N21, Cline, Cline.

Some favourites from the f/w13 ready-to-wear catwalk. This autumn I want to dress classic but minimalistic. I will wear simple turtlenecks combined with oversized coats, hats and sunglasses (why shouldn't we wear sunnies in the winter??). I'll wear my beloved faux fur, my grandma's black cashmere scarf, and if the weather allows it I'll even wear my all white nike's. Otherwise I'll stick to ancle-boots and loafers. It's all about the basics, the layers and the fabric; I want to be comfy and warm when the cold arrives. Above you can also see my favourite colours this season; navy, grey, black, nude's and white. I only wish it would be weather-appropriate to wear sandals in the winter, as seen at The Row and Acne Studios.

Btw; I recently upgraded my old laptop to a mac, and it has taken some time to get used to a new laptop as well as a new editing program, therefore the lack of posts.

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//coat-monki, clutch-zara, sunglasses-weekday, shorts-h&m, shoes-topshop

I absolutely looove this thin, long, black coat I bought from monki! I've been looking for something exactly like it for a while now, so I was thrilled when I found it. It goes perfectly well with almost everything, and at the same time it manages to give the outfit a certain statement and edge. Here I'm combining it with a casual (and very comfy) shorts from H&M, a simple, white tee and my beloved loafers.

Btw, there seems to be something wrong with my design, and I'll try my best to fix it as soon as possible.

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Just a few snapshots I took in Oslo. The first ones are (obviously) from when I visited the opera roof, and the other ones are just pretty or interesting places I passed by during the very last day there.

I think I really liked Oslo. Around every corner there were cozy cafs where we would take a break from shopping and sightseeing and drink some coffee (personally, I think we have a serious lack of good cafs around the area where I live). I also really liked the architecture and the many great parks the city has to offer.

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ways to go

(kudos to my mum for blurry photos, haha)
//pants-bikbok, shoes-weekday, turtleneck-weekday, totebag-monki, sunglasses-weekday

I've been thinking a bit about whether I should continue to blog or not. I've been wanting to make a blog for a really long time now, and I guess I should just go with it and see what happens. I think it might be a good way of expressing myself in a creative way, seeing as both fashion and art interests me. I want to do it because A: I should get better at self-acceptance B: It will motivate me to develop myself and C: Because frankly, I just want to suck less at photography. I might need to take this one step at a time though.

In other news, I will soon post pictures of my London trip (gah, I miss it so much!). And I guess there will be more of Oslo in the meantime.

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@ the opera roof

//sandals-weekday, sunglasses-weekday/cheap monday, pants-bikbok, tote bag-monki

Last week when I was in Oslo, me and my mum visited the opera roof and took some photos. It's such a lovely place, especially when the sun is shining (it almost makes it a bit hard to see without sunglasses because of all the sunrays reflecting in the white marble). Here I'm actually wearing a silk-bathrobe, just because I felt like it.

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Amalie, 16. I like nice things such as black coffee (but really I like all kinds of coffee(especially with soy milk)), autumn coats, cool shoes, books, days spent underwater, foreign food and foreign cities, cloudy days, tumblr, fascinating people and drawing (I could mention everything I like, but I like alot of stuff, which means no one would care to read it all).


You can also check out my accounts on:

tumblr (x)

instagram (x)

polyvore (x)

bloglovin (x)

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