F/W 2013 rtw

from top left; The Row, Theyskens' Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne Studios, Hrmes, Balenciaga, N21, N21, Cline, Cline. Photos_style.com

Some favourites from the f/w13 ready-to-wear catwalk. This autumn I want to dress classic but minimalistic. I will wear simple turtlenecks combined with oversized coats, hats and sunglasses (why shouldn't we wear sunnies in the winter??). I'll wear my beloved faux fur, my grandma's black cashmere scarf, and if the weather allows it I'll even wear my all white nike's. Otherwise I'll stick to ancle-boots and loafers. It's all about the basics, the layers and the fabric; I want to be comfy and warm when the cold arrives. Above you can also see my favourite colours this season; navy, grey, black, nude's and white. I only wish it would be weather-appropriate to wear sandals in the winter, as seen at The Row and Acne Studios.

Btw; I recently upgraded my old laptop to a mac, and it has taken some time to get used to a new laptop as well as a new editing program, therefore the lack of posts.

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Skrevet av: Felicia

Dato: 10.10.2013 | Tid: 21:38 | Hjemmeside/URL: http://bt-b.blogspot.com
Vilka designers r det som har gjort de tv frsta looksen??

Aaaand hallelujah for finding your blog, gillar den verkligen s mycket!!!!

Skrevet av: Amalie

Dato: 15.10.2013 | Tid: 19:38 | Hjemmeside/URL: http://genesis.blogg.no/
Felicia: beklager for sent svar! Den frste er The Row og den andre er Theysken's Theory!
Og tusen takk!!

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