I always manage to make my hands look strange in photos... Anyway, this is what I wore today: a striped sweater from H&M combined with a black skirt, my favourite loafers and of course a supercomfy (and warm!) coat from gina tricot (which I kinda stole/borrowed from my mum this morning).

I also think I have suffered from a severe lack of inspiration for a while now, but fortunately it's on its way back. I don't know about you, but I feel like it's the most frustrating thing ever!! It's like I can't manage to get satisfied with ANYTHING at all. Literally. It sort of sucks that I had no inspiration while it was autumn break though, because then I'd actually have time to do stuff. I don't think you can force creativity anyway...

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Skrevet av: SVERRE

Dato: 16.10.2013 | Tid: 20:52 | Hjemmeside/URL:
de skoa - nam

Skrevet av: THEA MYRVOLL -

Dato: 16.10.2013 | Tid: 22:02 | Hjemmeside/URL:
s,s fint!

Skrevet av: martine

Dato: 17.10.2013 | Tid: 20:29 | Hjemmeside/URL:
h, fint!

Skrevet av:

Dato: 18.10.2013 | Tid: 20:18 | Hjemmeside/URL:
Du har s utrolig fin stil!

Skrevet av: Thea Wiggen

Dato: 18.10.2013 | Tid: 23:13 | Hjemmeside/URL:

Skrevet av: ingrid d.

Dato: 12.11.2013 | Tid: 01:23 | Hjemmeside/URL:
hallooOO - ddsfint!

Skrevet av: Alva

Dato: 09.12.2013 | Tid: 12:18 | Hjemmeside/URL:
S wow!!!

Skrevet av: Lisa

Dato: 01.01.2014 | Tid: 02:21 | Hjemmeside/URL:
jeg er helt forelsket i kpen!! Selger de den fortsatt i butikken?

Skrevet av: Amalie

Dato: 01.01.2014 | Tid: 11:56 | Hjemmeside/URL:
Lisa: det vet jeg ikke, har ikke sett den selv om det bare er et par mneder siden. Hvis ikke hadde de en nesten identisk i den 2. kolleksjonen til MK&A p bikbok :)

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