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This is from last weekend, but I didn't bother to post it until now because I've had a bit to do at school. And yes, I found the perfect red sweater! Though you can't see it in the photos (they were taken by twilight, so the quality isn't any good) it is superfluffy! It was exactly what I'd imagined. And just like the rest of you, I've totally fallen in love with tartan. So I was lucky enough to find my mum's old skirt from the 80's (haha almost Mean Girls reference..). I think she bought it in Zrich. Originally it's knee-lenght, but with the help from a couple of safety pins I made it shorter. Though I love knee-lenght, I'm not quite feeling it with this skirt, so I'm thinking about making it permanentely shorter. We'll see...I find it hard to change something on pieces with history.

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Skrevet av: olivia

Dato: 14.11.2013 | Tid: 21:54 | Hjemmeside/URL: http://somniare.blogg.no
hjerte p alt sammen hahah. fantastisk skjrt og genser

Skrevet av: martine

Dato: 15.11.2013 | Tid: 18:05 | Hjemmeside/URL: http://aves.blogg.no/
h, s fint!

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