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shorts-diy/vintage, shoes-a store in london, coat-monki, sweater-benetton, tote bag-mah sk00l

Wore this today and I liked it. I also bought a fabric marker and just finished my mini-project...will post it tomorrow.

Also had the most fun, fabulous and nerdy Harry Potter-night this Thursday w/ some friends, and it made me remember how magical Harry Potter really is. I should read them again sometime this christmas.

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Skrevet av: gemina

Dato: 16.11.2013 | Tid: 21:44 | Hjemmeside/URL:
Den kpen er s fin!

Skrevet av: Kamilla Haaland

Dato: 16.11.2013 | Tid: 23:52 | Hjemmeside/URL:
superfint :)

Skrevet av: martine

Dato: 17.11.2013 | Tid: 00:53 | Hjemmeside/URL:
sjukt fint antrekk.

Skrevet av: MarteHBa

Dato: 17.11.2013 | Tid: 12:02 | Hjemmeside/URL:
Stilig antrekk! Ha en super sndag :D

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