So yesterday and Friday I had a couple of spontaneous projects. I cut off the collar of an unused crisp white shirt. I wanted to decorate it, so I bought a fabric marker and drew on a couple of cats (who doesn't want cats on their shirt collar???). I know it looks weird and uneven in the photo, but trust me; it's not visible when you wear it.

I also ended up cutting my vintage flares into a pair of shorts. I really liked them as jeans, but they were never worn because I simply never found a way of styling them. I got them for only 40 kr, which is basically nothing. Haven't worn jeans shorts in a while though, but I'll definitely wear these a lot. I feel like they sort of have a 60's/50's-ish feel to them.

And btw; thank you for your nice comments! I really appreciate them!

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Skrevet av: MarteHBa

Dato: 17.11.2013 | Tid: 15:07 | Hjemmeside/URL:
Stilig! Ha en super sndag :D

Skrevet av: martine

Dato: 17.11.2013 | Tid: 20:20 | Hjemmeside/URL:
looove this.

Skrevet av: Sigrid

Dato: 23.11.2013 | Tid: 21:47 | Hjemmeside/URL:
Love it! Du er s flink!

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