Stumbled by Egon Schiele the other day, and I must say I really like his self-portraits.

Anyway, to make it through November I've made a small list of what I can look forward to: 1. finally watching catching fire this Thursday 2. In less than three weeks I'm off to Tenerife 3. CHRISTMAS(!!! super excited this year and idk why) 4. oh and secret santa! Planning to do it this year.

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Skrevet av: selina

Dato: 23.11.2013 | Tid: 19:12 | Hjemmeside/URL:
your blog is too great, i love your style! i cant believe how cool you look in every photo, so pretty.

Skrevet av: Amalie

Dato: 23.11.2013 | Tid: 23:54 | Hjemmeside/URL:
selina: thank you so much, this made me so happy! ah you're absolutely gorgeous yourself

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