chanel couture ss14 makes me wanna wear my sneakers to prom this year

And also I love wearing headbands nowadays, like Brigitte Bardot. And her style is so inspiring as well. (pictures via beautyispoisonous)

I want to dress like the Olsen twins as well. Oversized coats+loafers+sunnies. (photos via olsenanonymous)

I'm trying to focus more on the basics these days though. So I'm determined to fill my closet with quality basics this season because I've realized it's really hard to get dressed in the morning without them. Like blue jeans, for instance. I don't have a single pair of basic blue jeans, but come to think of it it's because I'm really picky and they need to be the exact right fit, colour and be comfy at the same time. Also I'm one of those girls who think their legs look better in black jeans.

Other than that, I spend my days listening to the 1975, and Swedish music (my new obsession haha), where my favourite band is Ar&Dar. I'm also reading my fourth book this year, which is called "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". It is SOO great! Both hilarious and incredibly sad at the same time.

What are you reading and listening to these days?

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hhh den boken er bare s fantastisk! Leste den for nesten 2 r siden, men husker den fortsatt. Love it!

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