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blk shoes

Nearly all my shoes are black. And this christmas I got these added to my collection; a pair of black nike air max 90 from my parents, and black patent leather docs from me to me (why not treat yourself with something extra nice for christmas?!)

You can never have too many shoes (or books, magazines and sunglasses for that matter).

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So yesterday and Friday I had a couple of spontaneous projects. I cut off the collar of an unused crisp white shirt. I wanted to decorate it, so I bought a fabric marker and drew on a couple of cats (who doesn't want cats on their shirt collar???). I know it looks weird and uneven in the photo, but trust me; it's not visible when you wear it.

I also ended up cutting my vintage flares into a pair of shorts. I really liked them as jeans, but they were never worn because I simply never found a way of styling them. I got them for only 40 kr, which is basically nothing. Haven't worn jeans shorts in a while though, but I'll definitely wear these a lot. I feel like they sort of have a 60's/50's-ish feel to them.

And btw; thank you for your nice comments! I really appreciate them!

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white basics

1 & 2 from monki, 3 from bikbok x mkao

Bought these three white basics last weekend, and that's practically all I've worn so far this week. My autumn break has finally arrived as well, which feels soo amazingly good right now. I am in desperate need of some extra hours of sleep, haha.

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