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picture nr2 is my materialistic wishlist for my birthday. A subscription to i-d mag, art stuff (and lots of it), and new shoes (I can never get enough shoes). Also I'm hooked on stripes, which is why I'm searching for the perfect striped tee and shirt. My non-materialistic wishes are too far fetch anyway, so I drown my sorrows in materialistic satisfaction (jk, I'm actually really happy these days).

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far from land

I'm absolutely mesmerized by this editorial in the December issue of W Magazine. I've always been fascinated by mermaids, and mythology in general. The sombre mood in these photos make them even more magical. Wow. Pictures from here (x)

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Stumbled by Egon Schiele the other day, and I must say I really like his self-portraits.

Anyway, to make it through November I've made a small list of what I can look forward to: 1. finally watching catching fire this Thursday 2. In less than three weeks I'm off to Tenerife 3. CHRISTMAS(!!! super excited this year and idk why) 4. oh and secret santa! Planning to do it this year.

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thrills & chills

//messy collage by me.

Kind of into the whole 60's thing nowadays. Or, maybe even a mix between the 60's and 90's. I really like the mix of punk/grunge and preppy, and also I love contrasts such as soft and fluffy sweaters mixed with checkered skirts and leather. So a major inspiration for me is looking at old photographies or stills from old movies (or, you know, occasionally movies that are new but set in the old days (asingle man, for instance)) And thanks to tumblr, I've found a huge source of inspiration, better known as Anna Karina. Oh my she is perfect.

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navy & black


it is so quite a new thing
Wouldn't mind wearing this. Kind of in love with the combo of navy blue and black, though of some weird reason I've always been told that one should not mix those colours. Outfits taken from my polyvore (@ameliaelves).
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fashion x art (ysl 1999)

_tumblr (x)

Fashion x art. I really like these pictures from Yves Saint Laurent's s/s 1999 campaign, starring Kate Moss. The shoot, as you may see, is inspired by famous and classical paintings such as Mona Lisa and Manet's Olympia. I really love the combination of classical art and fashion. What I enjoy the most though, apart from the gloomy, dark and sensual mood in the photos, is the switching of gender roles. Notice how Kate Moss and two naked men sit in a forest in one of the pictures, whereas they are meant to portray the opposite; two fully dressed men and a naked woman. Seems like Kate Moss is indeed the boss.

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a u t u m n

_pictures from hereand here

...And then suddenly I was craving a bright red sweater. What I'm also looking for is the perfect t-shirt (unbelievably hard to find), and perhaps a new coat as well. I really want some nice basics in my wardrobe this autumn, preferably the ones that will keep me warm. (I also just got home from a classtrip this week, which was really fun. I've started getting used to routines again, and I'm definitely planning on posting more often here...)

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F/W 2013 rtw

from top left; The Row, Theyskens' Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne Studios, Hrmes, Balenciaga, N21, N21, Cline, Cline. Photos_style.com

Some favourites from the f/w13 ready-to-wear catwalk. This autumn I want to dress classic but minimalistic. I will wear simple turtlenecks combined with oversized coats, hats and sunglasses (why shouldn't we wear sunnies in the winter??). I'll wear my beloved faux fur, my grandma's black cashmere scarf, and if the weather allows it I'll even wear my all white nike's. Otherwise I'll stick to ancle-boots and loafers. It's all about the basics, the layers and the fabric; I want to be comfy and warm when the cold arrives. Above you can also see my favourite colours this season; navy, grey, black, nude's and white. I only wish it would be weather-appropriate to wear sandals in the winter, as seen at The Row and Acne Studios.

Btw; I recently upgraded my old laptop to a mac, and it has taken some time to get used to a new laptop as well as a new editing program, therefore the lack of posts.

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