Arkiv / mars 2014


picture nr2 is my materialistic wishlist for my birthday. A subscription to i-d mag, art stuff (and lots of it), and new shoes (I can never get enough shoes). Also I'm hooked on stripes, which is why I'm searching for the perfect striped tee and shirt. My non-materialistic wishes are too far fetch anyway, so I drown my sorrows in materialistic satisfaction (jk, I'm actually really happy these days).

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Coat & pants-monki, tee-bikbok, shoes-nike

Happy belated international women's day! This was what I wore yesterday, and I can tell spring is almost here... At least it's (nearly) warm enough to start wearing this coat again. My birthday is also coming up at the end of the month, which I have mixed feelings about seeing as I honestly want to be Peter Pan and never grow up. I only turn 17 this year, but still... It's sort of silly of me to think this way though, because every year I realize everything gets better the older I get.

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