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In which I don't particularly fancy my face, but I post it anyway because I like my outfit. And hey, I'm wearing colours, for once!! I borrowed this bright red sweater from my grandma (the classiest woman I know) because as previously mentioned I was craving a bright red sweater. Though this is not exactly what I'd pictured in my mind, it will work until I find the perfect one.

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thrills & chills

//messy collage by me.

Kind of into the whole 60's thing nowadays. Or, maybe even a mix between the 60's and 90's. I really like the mix of punk/grunge and preppy, and also I love contrasts such as soft and fluffy sweaters mixed with checkered skirts and leather. So a major inspiration for me is looking at old photographies or stills from old movies (or, you know, occasionally movies that are new but set in the old days (asingle man, for instance)) And thanks to tumblr, I've found a huge source of inspiration, better known as Anna Karina. Oh my she is perfect.

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So this is what I was wearing yesterday. I think I matched pretty well with the autumn leaves on the ground while wearing my old corduroy trousers from zara. And, of course, I was wearing my monki coat as well. I guess I just had to wear it while I still can, because it's quite thin and therefore there's no chance in hell it'll keep me warm during winter. Oh, and I recently bought this cap from H&M. I'm usually not that into caps, because they sort of radiate something like "omg yolo swag". This one, however, is looking quite classy due to it's neutral design and fabric.

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meet Marthe

Meet Marthe. These are a few of the lovely photos I took of her today. And for those who are wondering; I believe her sweater is from gina tricot, her jeans are diy, her sunnies are from monki, and her bag is an old one. Also she's wearing dr.martens.

Anyway, I can't believe I survived 6 (!!) hours of maths at school today. So although I'm as good as broke, I treated myself with the perfect scarf, which I can't wait to wear. I was in desperate need of it seeing as it's getting cold outside for real now. Winter is just around the corner.. help.

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I always manage to make my hands look strange in photos... Anyway, this is what I wore today: a striped sweater from H&M combined with a black skirt, my favourite loafers and of course a supercomfy (and warm!) coat from gina tricot (which I kinda stole/borrowed from my mum this morning).

I also think I have suffered from a severe lack of inspiration for a while now, but fortunately it's on its way back. I don't know about you, but I feel like it's the most frustrating thing ever!! It's like I can't manage to get satisfied with ANYTHING at all. Literally. It sort of sucks that I had no inspiration while it was autumn break though, because then I'd actually have time to do stuff. I don't think you can force creativity anyway...

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navy & black


it is so quite a new thing
Wouldn't mind wearing this. Kind of in love with the combo of navy blue and black, though of some weird reason I've always been told that one should not mix those colours. Outfits taken from my polyvore (@ameliaelves).
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Two old photos from this summer. The first one is from London.

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white basics

1 & 2 from monki, 3 from bikbok x mkao

Bought these three white basics last weekend, and that's practically all I've worn so far this week. My autumn break has finally arrived as well, which feels soo amazingly good right now. I am in desperate need of some extra hours of sleep, haha.

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