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blk shoes

Nearly all my shoes are black. And this christmas I got these added to my collection; a pair of black nike air max 90 from my parents, and black patent leather docs from me to me (why not treat yourself with something extra nice for christmas?!)

You can never have too many shoes (or books, magazines and sunglasses for that matter).

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skirt-weekday, jacket-vintage, sweater-monki, shoes-dr.martens.

Just what I wore the other day. Kinda reminded me of the film "clueless". Major style inspiration. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas with your loved ones!

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Must de Cartier

...vanilla, amber, musk, sandalwood and so on. This is my new perfume which I bought in Tenerife. One could say that the perfumeries over there have a lot more to offer (frankly there were perfumeries around every corner). I'm absolutely in love with this scent and I've worn it every day since I bought it. I think I've inherited my mother's nose, because we both agree that we're not too fond of flowery-perfumes and fresh ones smelling of laundry and dish soap. To me, it's important that the perfume I wear says something about me, and isn't just a perfume you can tell every other teenage-girl is wearing around here. I think perfumes should be something intimate that mixes with your own smell, and then when people are close to you or give you a hug, they will smell it and instantly connect the scent with you. I have survived on perfume samples for over two years now, so I think it was about time to find my scent.

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(wearing a navy jumper from zara, urban outfitters sunglasses and nike shoes)

Some snaps from Tenerife. It's exactly one week since I arrived home, and the trip was well needed seeing as I barely get any daylight during the winter here in Norway. We went there to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday along with the whole family.

The weather wasn't always nice, but still it was kind of cool to experience some rain and thunder during our stay (they called it extreme weather, but where I live it's pretty normal..). The best thing about the whole trip though, was finally swimming in the ocean again.

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far from land

I'm absolutely mesmerized by this editorial in the December issue of W Magazine. I've always been fascinated by mermaids, and mythology in general. The sombre mood in these photos make them even more magical. Wow. Pictures from here (x)

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