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(wearing a navy jumper from zara, urban outfitters sunglasses and nike shoes)

Some snaps from Tenerife. It's exactly one week since I arrived home, and the trip was well needed seeing as I barely get any daylight during the winter here in Norway. We went there to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday along with the whole family.

The weather wasn't always nice, but still it was kind of cool to experience some rain and thunder during our stay (they called it extreme weather, but where I live it's pretty normal..). The best thing about the whole trip though, was finally swimming in the ocean again.

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meet Marthe

Meet Marthe. These are a few of the lovely photos I took of her today. And for those who are wondering; I believe her sweater is from gina tricot, her jeans are diy, her sunnies are from monki, and her bag is an old one. Also she's wearing dr.martens.

Anyway, I can't believe I survived 6 (!!) hours of maths at school today. So although I'm as good as broke, I treated myself with the perfect scarf, which I can't wait to wear. I was in desperate need of it seeing as it's getting cold outside for real now. Winter is just around the corner.. help.

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Two old photos from this summer. The first one is from London.

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Just a few snapshots I took in Oslo. The first ones are (obviously) from when I visited the opera roof, and the other ones are just pretty or interesting places I passed by during the very last day there.

I think I really liked Oslo. Around every corner there were cozy cafs where we would take a break from shopping and sightseeing and drink some coffee (personally, I think we have a serious lack of good cafs around the area where I live). I also really liked the architecture and the many great parks the city has to offer.

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